We are a small family-run business focused on making the highest quality, great-tasting spirits, gins and liqueurs. In the mid 1980’s Edward Bramley Kain and Penelope Gage started experimenting in the kitchen of their South Devon farmhouse with strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant liqueurs. The fruits came from their fruit farm and the recipes followed a ‘maceration’ method similar to that practiced in France. The liqueurs were a huge success and were soon available in local off-licences, delicatessens and tourist attractions. It was a great opportunity to experiment with different varieties of fruits and, with the abundance of sloes in our hedges, it wasn’t long before Bramley’s Sloe Gin made it onto the shops’ shelves too. After 10 years of farming soft fruit and making fruit liqueurs, Edward and Penelope sold the farm and moved into a dedicated building with a small bottling line and larger scale facilities. They still insisted on sourcing the best-quality fruits as locally as possible and concentrated on producing the most flavoursome liqueurs achievable. Over the years the quality of our products has resulted in us being given many awards by prestigious food and drink competitions, including Taste of the West, the Great Taste Awards, the Quality Drinks Awards, the International Wine and Spirits Competition and the Gin Masters Competition. Now, nearly thirty years since the first bottle of liqueur was made, Penelope and Edward’s son (Michael) an ... show more



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