Concrete Cow Brewery

The Concrete Cow Brewery was established in August 2007 to supply pubs, shops and thirsty people with locally produced, hand crafted micro-brewery beer and to establish itself as the leading micro-brewery within the Milton Keynes area. The name of the brewery is taken from the locally famous, possibly world renouned, concrete cows that were created for Milton Keynes by artist and sculptress Liz Leyh in 1978. Brewer and proprietor Dan Bonner already had extensive training and experience gained through hours of producing around five or six home brew kits before setting up the business. However, the reputation of the beer quickly grew and is now highly regarded and enjoyed by very many local people and those further afield through beer festivals and wholesaling networks. Only the finest ingredients are used for making the beer, the best floor malted barley, finest whole hops and quality brewing yeast. These are the only ingredients for the beers unless they decide to treat you to something a little special like the spiced-up ‘Winter Ale’ with cloves and cinnamon or the brand new ‘Cloven Hoof', a stout with natural vanilla.

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