Established in 1826, we are still and always have been a family owned and run business. Five generations have worked and contributed towards the business keeping the traditional method of sweet making alive. Our speciality product is the original herbal tablet, which is ideal for cold nights and mornings. Edward Grays of Dudley herbal tablets are made using a secret family recipe, which has being passed down from generation to generation. Many companies have attempted to make our herbal tablets but none have managed to recreate our unmistakable flavour - no herbal tablet tastes like ours! As well as the herbal tablet we also make other traditional sweets such as pear drops, rock, rhubarb and custard and many other well remembered favourites, all of which have a distinctive taste. Our extensive product range can be viewed on the product page. With nearly 200 years of experience in the confectionary trade, we know that the best way to produce great tasting sweets is by using traditional hand made methods to make them. Our knowledge of confectionary goes beyond boiled sweets and stretches to fudge, toffee, nougat, coconut ice, teacakes and ice cream. Today Edward Grays of Dudley has four shops across the West Midlands, in Dudley, Wednesbury and Bewdley. Although, our more popular products are available in local Asda stores, some local market stalls and many other retailers across the nation also stock our sweets. Our toffee teacakes are so popular we even export them t ... show more



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Edward Gray of Dudley (Teddy Grays), 53 North Stret, Dudley, DY2 7DT, UK
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