Retailer Membership

For all food businesses that sell food directly to the consumer (including restaurants, food service businesses and retailers)

Pledge your support to open and transparent food provenance. Publish and certify your supply network, connecting your customers to your primary food producers.

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How It Works

  1. Sign a pledge to provenance, pay a small fee and provide us a list of your food suppliers. We do the rest.
  2. Your business is published on our Network as a Member with "Certification Pending".
  3. Your suppliers are verified and published into the Network as "Non Certified"
  4. The Happerley team certify your suppliers' supply networks on your behalf until we reach primary producers – the farmers and the growers.
  5. At the end of the certification process you will be given a rating calculated on your supply network's tractability and transparency score.
  6. You then have four weeks to change or chase suppliers until a final certification is awarded.

Business Benefits
of being a provenance champion

  • Provide your customers with assurances on product provenance
  • Demonstrate your commitment to transparent sourcing practices
  • Increase your margins by validating provenance across all relationships
  • Develop and strengthen your trading networks
  • Uncover opportunities to source directly from the producer and #namethefarm
  • Reduce length of supply chains and strengthen traceability
  • Develop and strengthen brand loyalty in the supply chain

Our Commitment

Online Presence

  • Visible and connected within the Happerley Network
  • A free microsite with the Network to promote your business and drive traffic to your main site

Marketing & Social Media Support

  • Use your Happerley Membership certification marque at point-of-sale, on your website, packaging, marketing etc.
  • Share your traceability and provenance news across the Happerley network
  • We will work across your supply chain to drive consumer and producer engagement
  • Entry to the Happerley Honesty Awards

Your Commitment

As a Network Member, your business will be signing a pledge to:

  • Declare your public support for transparent food chains and provenance;
  • Challenge the suppliers of your primary produce to #namethefarm of origin;
  • Make clear the provenance of products and wherever possible to #namethefarm
  • Source ingredients locally where commercially possible
  • Refrain from using the terms ‘local or ‘farm’ on any point of sale or other advertising unless naming the actual producer

Enquiry & Application Form

If you would like to talk to a member of our team about membership,
please use the form below to make an enquiry and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note: if you are an Intermediary and a Producer and/or a Retailer (for example you have a farm shop) your account will be linked