Happerley's response to Covid-19

Supporting all food businesses through the current trading difficulties and in anticipation of a heightened consumer interest in sustainability, provenance and the true value of British food, Happerley is pleased to make some key announcements:
  1. We are opening our doors to every food and drink business to become Happerley Transparent for free*, to build the world’s most transparent food and drink network, 
  1. We have built ‘Shop Happerley’ a free to trade online marketplace for every producer to be able to sell directly to the consumer.  
  1. We are fast tracking the implementation of our Happerley Assessment Tool for Sustainability (HATS) allowing all clients to self-audit and showcase their commitment to sustainability for free in a few simple steps, thus producing a sustainability overview instantly accessible through their QR code.
  1. For existing Happerley members you can apply to suspend your membership payments. Please contact [email protected] or call 01242 222848.  
*With a small admin fee of £50.  
Our Considerations