One Network, One Truth

We are a fast growing movement and technology to empower consumers to instantly know the journey of their food and drink.

We validate and secure the provenance premium for every business through the supply chain, enabling consumers to make conscious buying decisions. We were founded by farmers to deliver transparency and truth for the benefit of all.

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Joined Up Provenance

Joined Up Provenance

We challenge every food and drink business to allow us to validate and publish their ingredient supply chain within our network.

Happerley publishes the ingredient supply chain following an audit process.
The client is provided an editable microsite (the "Happerley Transparent Data Record") to which all their ingredient suppliers are connected and all become part of one connected and searchable network.
The open platform allows for multiple connections up, down and across food chains and so develops as one growing interactive network.
Certified entities are provided a licence to apply the Happerley marque on packaging or at point-of-sale, and are granted a unique QR code connecting to their published food chain via the free consumer app.

Accessible to all

The Happerley app enables anyone to scan a QR code and search for the Happerley Transparent food and drink suppliers and supply chains.

  • When browsing the supermarket aisles, find out exactly where the ingredients in that strawberry jam comes from.
  • When dining in a restaurant, find out where the chicken you are eating is bought from and how was it farmed?
  • When walking through the countryside, find out exactly who the farmer is and who do they supply their beef too?


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