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Heatwave – heaven or hell?


  We are all talking about it … in the supermarket, outside the school gate, in the office, and at home when none of us can sleep! Stocking up on sun cream, paddling pools and salad!   The first Amber warning has been published and it really is time to take this seriously, whether you love it or hate it, and we also need to remember our animals too!   In the farm...

Proud to be English!


  So, we came second – we didn’t win, but what a brave performance our young footballers put on last night, at times like this we are so proud!   We saw Murray play some outstanding tennis again at Wimbledon, something we thought we may never see again, but we were all in awe of a wonderful young talent with Emma Raducanu playing the best tennis of her life!   It's also...

We Have Joined LACA!


  We are delighted to be joining "LACA - the school food people" as an Associate Member.   Established in 1990, LACA is the leading professional body representing over 3300 different organisations and individuals, all dedicated to ensuring that our children get the benefits from a healthy nutritious school lunch. Members range from Local Authority providers, contract c...

New Marketing and PR Coordinator


  We are delighted to welcome our newest Happerley team member, Alysia Wakefield! Alysia has recently completed her MSc in Marketing at the University of Liverpool and she will be heading up as our Marketing and PR Coordinator. Her interest in food provenance began during her BSc in Geography, during which she enjoyed learning about sustainable development and food sec...

The Benefits of Seasonal Eating


    In a world with unlimited access to 24-hour supermarkets, many of us have forgotten how, when, and where our food grows.   These days, supermarket shelves are ubiquitous with industrially grown produce sourced from every corner of the globe, with an airbrushed appearance that seems conflicting with its origins in the soil. Unsurprisingly, consumers now come to e...

Free Business Coaching Webinar for Food and Drink Companies

General Producers Intermediaries Retailers

We are excited to have partnered up with Action Coach, the world’s leading business coaching company, to invite all food and drink businesses to join us for a unique business coaching opportunity.   At Happerley, we are constantly searching for new opportunities to provide value across our network of transparent suppliers. To support businesses in their recovery as best...

Blenheim Palace to Create Happerley Kitchen Garden


We are pleased to announce we are establishing and supporting a Happerley Kitchen Garden at Blenheim Palace. This we hope will lead a national network of independent and commercially sustainable businesses growing leaves, fruits and vegetables on 3-4 acre plots on contract for local restaurants, caterers, schools and retail, with shared values. More information to foll...

Happerley Client Networking Day - Wednesday 14 July


Save the date! Hosted by Adam Henson at Happerley, this marquee event is being designed to provide great opportunities for networking between producers, restaurateurs, food service and retail. More information to follow!

New Welcome Team


We are growing a team of Happerley Ambassadors who work remotely introduce Happerley to client supply chains through video conveferncing. We are looking for people who are passionate about transparency and sustainability. Take for example Carla Fekkes, who recently gained a MSc in Leadership for Sustainable Development at Queen's University Belfast (Distinction). Carla  deve...

20201 - Narrative versus Truth


  It is said a picture is worth a thousand words. How many facts is a good story able to swallow up? In an age when we all suffer information overload, new narratives and even myths are being created and propelled through social media at break neck speed, suffocating many truths in their wake. It is an irony in this era of multiple information feeds, the distinction between...