Partnering with brands and retail environments to procure, showcase and celebrate provenance certified food and drink suppliers.

Why Visit a Happerley Food & Drink Heaven?

Wherever you see the Happerley Food Heaven badge, you know you are in for a rewarding, inspiring and wholly unique shopping experience. Interact with food and drink producers with provenance and passion, enjoy free samples and be inspired by the genuine stories behind your purchases.
Every brand within a Heaven is Happerley Transparent, meaning its ingredient supply chain has been validated, certified and published by us and is freely available to see, via their unique QR code or a Happerley web or app search. 
It provides a whole new level of consumer reassurance, diversity and insight into food and drink shopping, creating a truly experiential environment.

Information for event organisers and retailers

We can work at various levels to provide retail and food service environments:
  • Licensed provenance credentials
  • Procurement auditing to a unique set of parameters
  • Producer and consumer awareness and engagement in and out of environment
A Happerley Food & Drink Heaven supports and enables food retail and service to create critical difference and added value by:
  • Engaging the consumer with the journey of every ingredient sold
  • Assuring the provenance premium of all food and beverage sold
  • Engaging the supplying food producers in consumer promotion both at POS and across wider target audience
  • Inspires consumer interest, loyalty and interaction
  • Enshrines, enforces and communicates a consistent and unique selling point
  • Facilitates unique, seasonal and exclusive product offerings as part of the wider staple mix, encouraging return business
There is a two-phase approach for each retail space.

Preparatory Support
  • Public announcement of intention
  • Local consumer research
  • Establishing the criteria of the HFH procurement credentials and parameters (e.g. 30 miles, sustainability evidence, packaging. named farms etc.)
  • Identifying potential grocery and food service for the space and co-ordinating
  • Briefing and engaging with these leads on your behalf
  • Introducing recommended retailers and food service to contract and service the space directly with you
  • Ongoing public relations
  • Co-ordinate floor layout and theme by working with all parties
  • Design and creative support
  • Public awareness and engagement
  • Producer awareness and engagement
  • Sourcing and procurement direction and control
  • Sourcing and certifying a seasonal supply chain to a sustainable procurement strategy unique to your space
  • All certified suppliers are pre-measured for OTIF and DIFOT and we will only allow suppliers who show a positive KPI history
  • Our procurement is aligned to market trends and we use real time initiatives to source the best local produce available
  • Our auditing systems lock in the journey from farm to fork. Providing a means of traceability that in the event of tampering or attempted fraud, will issue an immediate alert
Ongoing Support
  • A fixed monthly service fee to provide ongoing procurement audit, direction and discovery; and producer and consumer engagement.
  • Licensed use of the Happerley Food Heavens marque
  • Introducing and auditing new producers as part of the procurement direction and control
  • Ongoing producer / consumer engagement

Contact us on 01242 222848 for further information.