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Every Happerley marque provides:

  • Reassurance the brand has nothing to hide
  • Instant access to its independently validated ingredient supply chain

The free Happerley app empowers you to:

  • Instantly engage with the ingredient supply chain
  • Understand the provenance premium
  • Follow the journey of your food and drink
  • Connect to the farmers and growers
  • Search for honest food and drink brands by location, category or creed


With your own unique Happerley marque and QR code:

  • Validate your provenance premium on labelling, counter or menu
  • Showcase your commitment to transparency
  • Increase customer engagement, loyalty & traction
  • Accrue, control and share supplier intelligence
  • Be networked and visible on app and online
  • Access a range of client benefits & privileges


Join our information hub for free:

  • Provide and maintain a free profile on your organisation
  • Validate our clients who have listed a connection to your organisation on their profiles
  • Connect to wherever your organisation is listed by a client
  • Allow users to search online or by app by your organisation filter
  • Offer an exclusive discount code specific to your organisation to your members.