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Happerley fee's for businesses start at just £150 one off onboarding fee, followed by £15 per month thereafter.

Rates for businesses will vary based on business size, supply chain complexity and the level of transparency benefits we can deliver. Complete the application form and a member of the Happerley Team will be in touch to discuss further.

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To be able to feature a QR code and empower the consumer to see where our ingredients are from sets our ready meals apart from the competition and validates the premium of our product.
To be able to print out a certified supplier sheet to sit alongside menus is invaluable. I am noticing our diners are as interested in where our food and drink is from as they are in the dishes.
Being the first retailer to make Happerley mandatory across a range of food and drink suppliers has uncovered intelligence that is helping to shape our regional grocery procurement policy, and actively engage the consumer.
As a leading manufacturer and exporter of UK cheese product across the world, working in a highly commoditised and price sensitive sector, we recognise the importance of connecting the consumer to the farm wherever we can, and the export opportunities this opens for us – especially in the Chinese and Asian markets
As a project, this could be just as exciting to watch as anything from the biggest names in technology, retail and consumer goods.

Critical Benefits

Champion your Provenance

Be different. Be proud. Be transparent. Consumers are now demanding a full knowledge of the journey of their food, simply including a flag or a blurb into your marketing just isn’t cutting it anymore. Happerley was born out of a demand for transparency within the supply chain and supports all businesses in achieving this, creating a level playing field for businesses of all types and sizes.

Create Engagement

Join the Happerley transparent network and engage with other retailers, suppliers and intermediaries who have chosen to publish their supply chain. Each Happerley Transparent client enjoys a fully customisable and interactive microsite, driving traffic to your business and connecting you to new clients and partners from across the country.

Many voices create a chorus. If your supply chain is intrinsic to the values of your business, then we provide the stage for that chorus to sing your song.

Build Intelligence

In turning your supply chain transparent we accrue vital supplier intelligence on your behalf. By sharing this fully transparent supply chain, your consumers gain a vast range of knowledge around your supply chain and additional factors, such as your policies on environment, animal welfare and so much more.

Secure Access to Market

Happerley is already being used as a prerequisite by organisations and event organisers who demand a validated transparent supply chain for participation in their own certifications, schemes or events. These range from the British Food Champion marque to festivals and sporting events committing to Happerley Food Heaven status in 2019.

Current discussions indicate a number of retailers and food manufacturers will make Happerley Transparency mandatory of their suppliers in 2020.


Our Service

For a modest on boarding fee and annual subscription* we provide every client:

  • An editable microsite for every brand certified within the Happerley Network.
    This automatically features within the Happerley Network on web and app via:
    • Keyword search
    • Links from connecting suppliers / customers
    • Location discovery on mobile apps
    • The unique QR code you are granted
  • We validate and publish the ingredient supply chain for a minimum 80% of the ingredients supplied to the client. Find out how here.
  • We award you Happerley Transparent status providing you with:
    • A unique QR code and marque with licensed permissions to apply at point-of-sale, on premises, online and on literature
    • Intelligence and promotional outputs from your dashboard so you can create branded pdfs from real time data for:
    • Internal transparency audit reports
    • Training manuals for staff
    • Sourcing guides for diners / customers