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"I am challenging every food and drink business to join the Happerley network and turn its supply chain transparent. Our farm is on!"

Adam Henson, farmer, TV presenter and member of the Happerley Advisory Board

Our objective is to turn the ingredient supply chains of all honest and transparent UK food and drink businesses, from farm to fork, and publish within one open network by 2020. The movement, overseen by The Happerley Advisory Board, is gaining considerable momentum. Apply below today!

Our Service

For a modest on boarding fee and annual subscription* we provide every client:

  • An editable microsite for every brand certified within the Happerley Network.
    This automatically features within the Happerley Network on web and app via:
    • Keyword search
    • Links from connecting suppliers / customers
    • Location discovery on mobile apps
    • The unique QR code you are granted

    This very cost effectively extends the reach, profile and consumer awareness of every participant and business. A high profile consumer campaign is planned to launch from March 2019.

  • We validate and publish the ingredient supply chain for a minimum 80% of the ingredients supplied to the client. Find out how here.
  • We accord you Happerley Transparent status providing you:
    • A unique QR code and marque with licensed permissions to apply at point-of-sale, on premises, online and on literature
    • Intelligence and Promotional Outputs from your dashboard you can create branded pdfs from realtime data for:
    • Internal transparency audit reports
    • Training manuals for staff
    • Sourcing guides for diners / customers

Critical Benefits

Champion your Provenance

Be different. Be proud. Be transparent. Happerley validates, explains, accentuates and secures your ingredient price differentials. It turns provenance into a currency of truth.

Most food and drink businesses do not reveal where their ingredients are from. Today’s consumer increasingly wants to know. Take an early lead in our movement and set your business apart.

Stand apart from your competition by providing instant provenance credibility and access to your ingredient supply chain on packaging, at point of sale, on advertising, on menu and online.

Create Engagement

We connect your food or drink business / product / range with an ever-expanding trade and consumer audience seeking out Happerley Transparent suppliers.

Generate awareness, new business and traffic flows to your own sites.

Many voices create a chorus. If your supply chain is intrinsic to the values of your business, then we provide the stage for that chorus to sing your song.

Build Intelligence

Educate and inspire your supply chain on the importance you place on the provenance of your ingredients. Develop and strengthen loyalty across your supply chain.

In turning your supply chain transparent we accrue vital supplier intelligence on your behalf and provide a growing range of reporting functions in your dashboard to enable you to output this data for your own objectives – from a certified supplier guide for the restaurant table to an internal food mile audit.

Secure Access to Market

Happerley is already being used as a prerequisite by organisations and event organisers who demand a validated transparent supply chain for participation in their own certifications, schemes or events. These range from the British Food Champion marque to festivals and sporting events committing to Happerley Food Heaven status in 2019.

Current discussions indicate a number of retailers and food manufacturers will make Happerley Transparency mandatory of their suppliers in 2019.


Our FEES have been set to make it affordable for every food and drink business with nothing to hide to benefit from validating its provenance and join the Network. Happerley’s purpose in not to turn a small premium element of the food and drink industry transparent, but to turn most of the food industry.

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If you wish to support the Happerley Movement by becoming a Founder Member please call the team on 01242 222 848, or email [email protected].

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