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Where Is Your Food From?

You want to know where your food is from. But you don’t.

We are validating provenance for everyone.

Provenance fraud costs the UK food industry alone £11.2 billion every year. What is it costing you, the consumer?

Transparency is a given in today’s society, and yet you do not know the origins of most of the food you eat. Instead, there are endless smokescreens, disingenuous labelling, fake farm brands and cynical use of the word local.


This summer our provenance team has started signing up restaurants, retailers, butchers, bakeries etc. willing to become Provenance Champions and have their supply network audited and published online. Meaning you, in an instant, can see their ingredient supply chains down to the farmers and growers.

Honest food businesses, large and small, recognise that the growing importance of provenance and our Network is growing daily. Try the search above.

Next year, Happerley will be applying our unique block chain technology hybrid to enable the passporting of every foodstuff from point of production to plate, so anyone and everyone, in an instant, knows the journey of their food through these supply chains. We are currently working on pilots with six suppliers to Midcounties Co operative.

What we are doing is a world first: creating and transparent and traceable food chain.

One Network
Look for the badge. Explore their supply network

Happerley has now started publishing and certifying the food supply networks for every food business. This will enable you to discover the fishermen fishing the cod in your batter, or explore the dairy farms supplying the dairy that makes the butter in the sandwich you buy at the garage.

Look for the badge, search their network.

One Truth
Look for the Passport. Explore the journey of your food

Creating One Happerley Network is great. But it is not enough. Happerley will soon be integrating its unique technology to enable every food stuff leaving a farm to be passported and the multiple and various validated journeys of that food stuff to be instantly retrieved online and app by code and QR mark.

The Happerley Passports technology is the first ever traceability process that creates the trace forwards from the food origins. It is also the only technology designed and platformed to create total transparency for the consumer. Positioned independently of any type or creed of food production; of any processor, manufacturer or retailer, it provides a credible and publicly visible and validated seed to plate record, however complex the intermediary processes might be.

What's our journey?

Happerley is not your average London tech company but a business rooted in the food industry. Happerley is the brainchild of businessman and 10th generation farmer, Matthew Rymer. He realised that until the consumer had a solid means of trusting and understanding the journey of their food, fraud and deception and would continue to prevail to the disadvantage of producers and consumers. Integral to his concept is recognising that the truth of provenance begins at birth or seed, and that Happerley should empower primary producers (farmers and growers) to reclaim provenance and be provided a free platform through which they can directly connect to consumers.

Matthew teamed up with neighbouring farmer, hotelier and meat processor, Clifford Freeman, to prove the concept by applying passports to their Gloucester Cattle beef. Following its success, and trials and appraisals with The University of Aberdeen in 2015, a wider industry consultation ensued, attracting broad support from producers to manufacturers to restaurateurs.

Since then, a world class software team have been developing proprietorial technologies to create a seamless realtime virtual 'passport' that is now entering pilot stage, as a universal first.

Significant external investment is now enabling acceleration to market.


Producers, processors, manufacturers, retailers and restaurants all strive to attain added value through provenance. That there is no means for the consumer to question disingenuous labelling, misleading inferences and claims has diluted the provenance premium. More critically, this void has provided opportunity for food fraud, reduced consumer confidence in food purchases and largely detached the primary producer from any value to be attained through provenance.

Happerley sets out to change all that….

For farmers and growers

Happerley can turn UK's tapestry of independent farms from being struggling and subsidy reliant to working together towards a viable and commercial future. Happerley will provide a credible provenance premium to aid UK food exports, creating a direct correlation between product value and UK standards of animal welfare, environment and sustainable farming processes.

Happerley will challenge the market dominance of ever fewer and more powerful retailers and processors across all food sectors by enabling farmers to work collectively, to govern their own provenance and to connect to the consumer.

For intermediaries and retailers
from bakers to butchers and wholesalers to food manufacturers, retailers and restaurants

By turning food supply chains from consumer to producer transparent and visible, every participating business will benefit form reduced food fraud and misrepresentation.

Secondly, the provenance of any produce begins at the beginning of the food chain - at birth or seed. By validating that provenance through the food chain from producer upwards, the consumer will be empowered to validate premiums.

For consumers

We all know the consumer wants to know the story of their provenance. The consumer no longer trusts the large retailers to tell the story themselves. Happerley will empower the consumer to make factually based choices.

Get involved

Happerley's independence is vital to its credibility and success. Happerley is now recruiting an Oversight Board to protect the interests of producers, intermediaries, retailers, restaurants and consumers.
Please contact us in confidence if you are interested in representing one of these sectors.
An appropriate Chairperson will be announced shortly.

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