Organisations Apply Here

We are now inviting all organisations involved in the production, processing or retailing of food and drink to join the Happerley hub.

Your marques can then be featured, explained and validated via client profiles who have listed a connection to your organisation. This means that when the consumer explores the journey of their food, they see and understand the implication of memberships or certifications any Happerley Transparent client lists on their Data Record. The consumer will also able to search according to these accreditations on both the search bar and app.

We will grant you an editable profile where you can upload images and descriptions to represent your organisation on the Happerley Network, and verify your members featured on the Happerley Network. Consumers can then click through to understand the significance and meaning of your membership or accreditation.

As a participating organisation, we may also be able to offer your organisation members or clients an exclusive discount code specific to your organisation. They can redeem this when applying to become Happerley Transparent, enabling a reduced onboarding fee. These and other benefits can be discussed with our Provenance Team.

Please use the below application form if you are applying on behalf of an organisation to join the Happerley Movement. Once you have submitted your information a member of the provenance team will be in touch to discuss your application further.