New Marketing and PR Coordinator

12th May 2021 10:11 AM


We are delighted to welcome our newest Happerley team member, Alysia Wakefield!

Alysia has recently completed her MSc in Marketing at the University of Liverpool and she will be heading up as our Marketing and PR Coordinator.

Her interest in food provenance began during her BSc in Geography, during which she enjoyed learning about sustainable development and food security, so she really does embrace our values and share our vision for a future of food transparency.

In her final year, she investigated and researched the causes of food waste at the consumer level and this was subsequently published as a key piece of research in the highly reputable Journal of Cleaner Production. With her passion for the food and drink industry, Alysia is excited to join the team and start sharing the Happerley message far and wide. Her hobbies also include baking, hiking, and running a blog to educate others on the benefits of living more sustainable lifestyles.

If you are interested in Happerley supporting your transparent brand or business through our social media or regular newsletter, please get in touch with Alysia and she would gladly feature you on our channels. For more information and company updates, please follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (@HapperleyHQ).