Proud to be English!

12th Jul 2021 15:25 PM

So, we came second – we didn’t win, but what a brave performance our young footballers put on last night, at times like this we are so proud!
We saw Murray play some outstanding tennis again at Wimbledon, something we thought we may never see again, but we were all in awe of a wonderful young talent with Emma Raducanu playing the best tennis of her life!
It's also the perfect time for us to also be proud of our local produce, we have so much to celebrate during the summer, enjoying seasonal delights, from asparagus, to strawberries, from new potatoes to local beef, lamb and chicken… we are so lucky!
Our farmers need our support more than ever, as they battle to compete against cheap imported produce.
Sadly, it is not a level playing field.
Many of us want to ‘think local and buy local’, but it's not easy.
... And that is why we created QR codes bespoke for each grower/farmer to enable them to tell their story – empowering the customers to make an informed choice.
This summer, lets be proud to be English, not just at our sporting events, but by thinking about our purchasing.
When you are next in a restaurant, at the butchers counter, or greengrocers, simply ask where that meat, veg, and/or fruit actually come from...
Lets encourage everyone to make conscious buying decisions and support our farmers/growers – they need us!