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Buttercross Farm Foods was born from a frustration at the lack of quality free-range pork and good old fashioned dry-cured bacon available in the area or indeed nationally at that time…. Martyn and Helen took the plunge, and with the courage of their convictions, in July 2000 left their positions as outdoor pig unit manager and veterinary nurse respectively to have a go at producing top-notch pork products from pigs they reared themselves. Buttercross quickly became renowned for good food and good service, and it soon became obvious that there was an additional demand for other meats besides pork; so beef, lamb and poultry were sourced with the same high welfare ethos. We are now very proud to supply a great range of food businesses in the region, and further afield, who appreciate the quality and provenance of Buttercross Farm produce. In July 2006 we were able to realise an ambition to sell directly to consumers ourselves, and Buttercross Farm Shop opened its doors to the public, offering a traditional butchery with ‘proper’ butchers as well as a great range of locally sourced produce.



Everything we do has a strong focus on maximizing our sustainability and efficiency. We want nothing more than for the best quality meat to be served on tables for years to come, and we have regular sessions at tweaking and improving our own operations to make this a reality.


Minimising negative environmental impact is at the forefront of what we do. Just like our efforts to improve sustainability, regular action is put into place to improve our operations in this regard. Whether it be ensuring our van runs are as efficient as they can be, or finding creative ways to make the most out of every bit of raw material we process, our commitment to the environment will always be at the forefront of our work at Buttercross.

Local Communities

We love to work with and support our local community. Whether it be contributions to local organisations and charity’s or long established links with other local businesses, we see working with the community as key to our success for the future.

Packaging & Waste

Packaging and waste are massive issues within the industry now. Towards the end of 2018 we implemented significant change in the way we package and deliver to all of our customers to ensure minimal use of none recyclable materials and have every intention looking further into these issues in the future.

Inspiring & Educating

It’s a real concern to us just how far removed some of the public are from the realities of where their food comes from and we are determined to help change this. Along with regular work with local schools to help inspire children to learn about their food. We also work with local colleges and have had a stream of successful apprentices come through the ranks at Buttercross as Butchers and food production operatives.

Energy Reduction

We like everything to do with our business to be operated with minimal waste, and that includes energy. We are strongly committed to ensuring that we work using the minimal possible energy and will continue to work hard to improve this.

Nutritional Values

We like to ensure that all of our products are manufactured simply and with ‘no nonsense’ added. We simply use the best ingredients, simple manufacturing techniques and we think that our products speak for themselves!

Animal Welfare

It’s no secret that animals kept in the highest welfare standards create the best tasting meat. We stop at nothing to ensure that our produce is the best it possibly can be from field to fork, so naturally this includes the best possible animal welfare.

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