Campden BRI


Helping food and drink businesses succeed through science, technology and information services.

With over 2,500 member companies in 80 countries, we work closely with industry to ensure the industrial relevance of everything we do.This includes a wide range of analysis and testing services and operational support underpinned by a vigorous programme of research and innovationand promoted through extensive knowledge management activities. Many of our activities are independently accredited and can be tailored to specific needs.

Technical strengths:

  • Manufacturing technologies - food processing (heating, chilling,freezing), aseptic technology, microwave heating, malting andbrewing, milling, baking and extrusion, process control andinstrumentation, and packaging technology
  • Safety assurance - including hygiene and sanitation, microbiologyand preservation, processing technologies, analysis and testing(microbiological, chemical), and quality and safety managementsystems
  • Product development, product quality, consumer studies, marketinsights, brand expectations, sensory science, authenticity testing,shelf-life evaluation, labelling and legislation
  • Agri-food production, ingredients and raw material technologies
  • Training courses and events delivered by world-class experts
  • Leading industry guidance on best practice and legislation


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"Campden BRI is our go-to for independent, expert advice and professional testing. Additionally, the meetings, seminars and training they provide help keep us up to speedwith all that's new in the world of food manufacturing." 

Debra Smith, Global Hygiene Specialist , Vikan Read more quotes here...

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