Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Group Foundation Charity


The Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Group Foundation Charity (OSBPG) supports its breeders and at the same time enthuses, educates and inspires individuals about the fondly and aptly named forest pig, a breed that is beautiful on the outside as well as on the inside. Yes it is true to say that the Oxford Sandy and Black Pig has been greeted with curiosity and scepticism for many years. However, in 2012 and with great appreciation and thanks to the late Mr Andrew Sheppy FLS - who had a deep love of pigs as a young man in 1956 and started the adventure of the OSB in 1976 - and leading pig geneticist Dr Rex Walters, we now see our breed being recognised with the Rare Breed Survival Trust (RBST) and is listed as “at risk”. With 4 boar lines and 13 sow lines to cherish please pop along and rootle around our website to find out more. Interest of our breed has grown considerably, not just by those who are attracted to the smallholding way of life, with whom we help guide through the processes of keeping and nurturing. We also have a captive audience of those that value our pork, the flavour, the versatility and texture with fall-off-the-bone joints, tasty bacon, juicy sausages, out of this world crackling and sensational charcuterie. Our patron, Marco Pierre White extols our breed as a charcuterie pig, as it grows in popularity in this sector. Our producers are curing, hot smoking, cold smoking, air drying and exciting the palate's of an appreciative audience. Knowing where your meat comes, knowing how and where it is reared and having traceability is paramount, which the OSBPG recognises.



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