Addington Fund


We are delighted to have the support, and look forward to supporting, the UK’s most hard working and fastest growing farming charity. The Addington Fund provides much needed emergency relief and support for farmers forced to leave the industry.

Ian comes from a practical farming background and appreciates the pressures and strains on the working farmer today, and in particular the tenant farmer! Through Addington his two main aims are to provide a dignified retirement or exit for the tenant farmer by providing appropriate accommodation to meet the needs of the individual. Secondly to use the opportunity of helping an older farmer to withdraw from the industry and to create an opportunity for a younger farmer to become established.

The Addington Fund combines its charitable work with a strong business ethos. The business model of the fund is to generate sufficient income from its own resources to cover all operating costs. Every donation received therefore adds to the capacity of the charity to help more families. The current situation of low commodity prices across all sectors of the farming industry is creating more demand than ever,



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