The British Parthenais Cattle Society


Parthenais cattle were only introduced to the UK over the last thirty years but they are one of the oldest breeds in France, with the Herd book established in 1893. They were originally developed for use as draft animals; hence the development of their heavy lean muscle characteristic.

The Parthenais breed originates from France in the Deux Sevres region where its herd book goes back to 1893. It has a wheat coloured body with characteristic black points to the ears, nose, tail and eyes together with hard black feet. Now being more widely used throughout France, where it is recognised as having the highest meat to bone ratio of all French breeds at 77%. The majority of beef in France comes from purebred cattle, however, producers are now recognising the crossing benefits of the Parthenais, and are using the Parthenais to improve the performance of their other breeds.



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