The Ayrshire Cattle Society


Originating in South-west Scotland, the Ayrshire Breed was first recorded on an official basis in the 1870's, with formation of the Ayrshire Cattle Society Herd Book in 1877.

The typical Ayrshire cow is an alert vigorous animal showing strong character and mild temperament. This classic cow is any shade of red or brown including mahogany and white, although either colour may predominate. Her body exhibits dairy strength with femininity about the head, cleanness through the neck and shoulders but with strength in her chest. She has depth and openness of rib, an indication of her production potential, the skin is pliable and soft with fine silky hair and her bone structure is fine and flat being proportionate to body weight.

The Ayrshire is noted for strong udder formation. Ideally the udder is long, wide and capacious with a silky texture. It is firmly attached with a well-defined central ligament and strong fore attachment blending smoothly into the body. Teats are uniform and evenly placed, being about 6.5 cms long. Her feet and legs exhibit bone quality with hard feet and heel depth enabling free flowing movement.



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