The Beltex Sheep Society


Beltex sheep arrived in the UK from Belgium in 1989 and with their double-muscle traits they brought a totally new dimension to British lamb production. The breed was originally developed as the Belgian Texel, by selecting and breeding for the traits found in culards (double-muscled sheep).


Belgian breeders were greatly assisted by Professor Roger Hanset of the University of Liege, who was a leader in the field of research into the genetics of double muscle and he also played a major role in the development of the Belgian Blue breed of cattle. His colleague, Professor Pascal Leroy carried out research confirming the superior carcase traits of the new breed which he described in his report as Texel DM (Double Muscle). The results of the combined efforts of science and stockmanship can be seen today in the superb conformation and gigots which is the Beltex trademark.



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