Easy Care Sheep


Easy Care is the result of a successful breeding programme started in 1965 by North Wales farmer R. I. "Iolo" Owen. The aim was to produce a breed of sheep which would require minimal shepherding and veterinary care and yet offer excellent meat yields and lambing ratios.These key aims have been achieved and this is reflected in the level of domestic sales and exports of the breed. In 1986 Iolo Owen was awarded the M.B.E in recognition of his services to agriculture.

The main features of the Easy Care breed:

  • Ewe body weight around 60 kg 
  • 1.8 Lambs reared per Ewe 
  • Ease of lambing - specifically developed for this purpose 
  • Vitality at birth - born with hair for protection 
  • High growth rate - Lambs reach 17 kgs carcass weight at 12 weeks 
  • High meat yield 
  • Strong sires - rams are particularly pre-potent and immensely virile 
  • No shearing & minimal shepherding 
  • Low veterinary care 
  • Well protected - unaffected by extreme weather conditions 
  • Thrives on lowland grass 
  • Meets modern market requirements 
  • Healthy constitution - quick to recover and less prone to many illnesses 
  • Very profitable - cuts over 80% of  shepherding costs



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