The Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens


Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens

  • We help communities to grow.

  • We give a national voice to a movement of local groups.

  • Our expertise means community growers can survive and thrive.

From tiny community gardens to sprawling city farms, FCFCG helps grass roots groups create genuine benefits for their community. And in turn, we are constantly inspired and amazed by the people and the places that we support.

Since FCFCG was born, back in 1980, we have worked with community farms and gardens, school farms, care farms, wildlife and roof gardens, community orchards, community-run allotments and community supported agriculture schemes.

We have helped bring community growing into the mainstream, been at the centre of the rise in local food growing and picked up many supporters along the way, including our Patron HRH The Prince of Wales.

Today we have a team of expert development workers across the UK who deliver guidance, training and encouragement direct to our members. From our head office in Bristol we work with Government, funders and big corporations, letting those in power know about the great work our members do.

We directly support nearly 700 member groups (as well as giving indirect support to hundreds more).

And sometimes, very occasionally, we even get a chance to go outdoors and get our hands dirty too!



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