Meadow Quality


Meadow Quality has over 35 years of experience in livestock marketing and was formed in 2002 from the merger of Meadow Valley Livestock and Quality Calves. The company has a staff of 35, outlets from Cornwall to Aberdeen, and an annual turnover in excess of £70 million.

Our purpose is to provide a high quality service and independent advice at competitive rates. Being a farmer controlled business, we work for the benefit of our producers and aim to deliver the maximum return for each animal.

Livestock farming is an increasingly demanding business. The market environment continues to change rapidly, margins are tight, legislation is strengthening and commercial risks are increasing.

Good marketing of livestock is needed for an effective business. Meadow Quality can help producers by providing a clear understanding of the industry environment and has a wide range of potential customers for your stock.

In October 2012, Meadow Quality and Graig Producers merged and centralised their sales and administration functions. but with Graig Producers remaining as a dedicated organic livestock marketing division covering England and Wales, with links in Scotland.



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