The British Boer Goat Society


1. The objectives of the society shall be to act in the interests of owners and prospective owners and keepers of the Boer Goats in the United Kingdom or such Domains as the Society thinks fit.

2. To promote the Boer Goat Breed to the purchasing public

3. Members will act with best practice regards to the welfare of their animals;

4. To establish, control and maintain an accurate breed register and breed standard.

5. To advise and, so far as possible, control the import and export into and out of the United Kingdom of Boer goats, semen and embryos;

6. The society shall consist of such owners and prospective owners without limitation as to numbers with the common interest in the promotion of the Boer Goat breed.

7. To follow such objects and directions in connection therewith, as the membership shall direct, regards policy approved at the Annual General Meeting and that the committee shall from time to time decide such action to take place in the best interests of the society.



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