Castle Fruit Farm has been farmed by Michael and Christiana Bentley since 2002. The farm consists of some 130 acres under orchard crops with two lakes and a variety of different habitats for wildlife. The farm is situated 2 miles north of the town of Newent on the B4215 road, 12 miles north west of the City of Gloucester. The area is ideally suited to fruit growing because of the local climate and altitude. The farm straddles the parishes of Dymock and Oxenhall. It appears from old maps that fruit has been grown here for a long time. The farm house is built on the site of a fortified farmhouse and across the road is the landmark of Castle Tump. The farm has a windmill, built in the 1920’s by one Lancaster Burns, which we are maintaining but sadly is not working now. We hope to restore it one day. The growing area can be divided roughly into: Half for dessert apples, pears and Bramley apples – varieties are Queen Cox, Ashmeads Kernel, Gala, Russet, Elstar, Delbar Estival, Braeburn, Smitten, Red Delicious and Jazz – Conference and Comice pears as well as some delicious new varieties: Hortensia, Xenia and Velveteen. A quarter for plums – Opal, Reeves Seedling, Jubileum, Valor, Victoria, Avalon and Marjories Seedling, and Reine Claude gages. A quarter for cider apples – varieties Major, Harry Masters and Dabinet And a few cherries – small area but delicious!



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Castle Fruit Farm, Castle Tump, Newent, Gloucestershire, GL18 1LS, UK
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Bentley's Castle Fruit Farm


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