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We are a third generation dairy farming family with our cows and our farm at the heart of everything we do. We have been dairy farming at Carvannel Farm for over 50 years . We have more recently started to process the milk from our cows which are made up of a diverse range of different dairy cattle breeds. This includes Friesians, Danish Reds, Swedish Reds, Jerseys and crossbreds. We believe that this diverse range of breeds adds to the great taste of our products. We also follow the Pasture Promise Accreditation Scheme, which we are extremely proud of, especially as there are so many factory style farming systems which make up the majority of the UK milk production today. This accreditation also gives our consumers the confidence that our cows have the freedoms to roam, graze and behave just as nature intended. As Free Range farmers we pride ourselves on knowing that our high level of butter fats and therefore great creamy products comes from the delicious, lush Cornish pastures that our cows have the freedom to enjoy. It is also 100% traceable.



We carefully plan our delivery routes around Cornwall to economise on fuel consumption.


We strongly believe in working with our environment and we work very closley with The National Trust to create diverse grass swards along our cliffside boundries. This helps maintain a great environmentally / animal friendly corridor. We are very aware of the negative impact deforestation for palm oil is having on the environment and are therefore very proud that we do not feed our cows palm oil derived products to increase our overall milk yields and butter fat content.

Local Communities

We actively engage with our local community; hosting school trips on our farm and in our dairy and help fundraising for local charities by donating our dairy produce. We also sell our produce to local restaurants and shops.

Packaging & Waste

All of our packaging is fully recyclable.

Inspiring & Educating

We love to inspire and educate all people that are interested in dairy farming and dairy products. We have teamed up with our local agricultural college and have a good working relationship with them. They will often visit to turn theory into practical. We also work closely with our Landlords, the National Trust, to enable greater accessibility to our farm and the surrounding North Cornish Heritage Coastline.

Energy Reduction

We use electricity as our main energy usage for our cold store and product production which we constantly monitor. We are investigating renewable energy.

Nutritional Values

Our milk is unhomogenised and our full fat milk is also non standardised. This is often referred to as 'good old fashioned milk as it should be'. Its a truly great companion with Barista or home made coffee. All of our products are free from artificial flavours and presevatives, which includes added sugar.

Animal Welfare

Our cows wellbeing and health is imperative to us. We follow the Pasture Promise Acreditation, which means that our cows have the freedom to roam, graze and behave for a minimum of 180 day and nights a year. However, in reality it is more like 250 days and nights. We also feel it is important to acknowledge that as part of this accreditation, all calves born are reared on our farm either to re enter the herd as heifers or to move onto another cattle farm.


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Who we supply to on the Happerley Network

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