The origins of Marsh Court can be traced back to 1360 when it was owned by the De Marisco family. The greater part of the current building dates back to the 15th century. It is a long, oblong timber framed building containing 8 bays. Originally there probably would have been a cross wing and outhouses. The panelling on this part of the building was substantially remodelled in the 17th century in accordance with the then current fashion, but most of the original timber frame remains unchanged. In 1820 a Georgian wing was added, but unusually the older part of the building was not refurbished in the Georgian style. The farm itself nestles in a glacial valley to one side of the Malvern Hills. As the glaciers gauged out the current landscape, they left behind hard outcrops of rock which are known as tumps. The valley bottom became an alluvial marsh which was drained in the 18th century. Layers of organic matter can be found in the blue clays of the marsh, indicating periods of forestation in the distant past. Currently, the farm covers some 500 acres, the larger part of which has been part of the farm for 100's of years. Some of the trees in the old orchard are more than 150 years old and there is evidence that cider making has taken place here for many centuries. At present 220 acres of the farm are arable, 250 acres are grassland and 20 acres are orchard. We have a pedigree herd of Hereford Cattle, comprising 110 suckler cows and these calve in the Autumn and Spring.



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