Consumer Benefits

Ian Bell OBE 
The Addington Fund

«I hope consumers will get behind Happerley and support an honest and sustainable UK farming industry»

Will Carvalho
Performance Chef, Gloucester Rugby

«I hope Happerley will bring all producers and consumers together to  improve honesty and transparancy»

Tom Beeston
Rare Breeds Survival Trust

«I hope Happerley will help consumers to know and trust their farmers»

Connecting the Consumer to the Producer
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You the Consumer


Happerley is all about connections – empowering you to connect with the producer so you can #namethefarm
Happerley creates an honest and transparent food industry and you as the consumer help us to do that by asking important questions like

  • Who and where is your produce from?
  • What is the origin of the ingredients?
  • How many food miles has it travelled?
  • How do I know this is local

By asking these questions the large retailers and manufacturers will be encouraged to reveal transparency in their own supply chains. This will build confidence in the UK food and farming industry. Joining Happerley for free means you will help us to create sustainable partnerships with producers, intermediaries, retailers and other consumers and drive transparency and provenance in the food chain


By joining Happerley for free you will

  • know who the producer of your food is
  • understand the provenance of your food
  • be empowered and want to ask questions about your food
  • have truth and transparency when shopping or dining out
  • be able to source fresh produce direct from the growers and producer’s farms
  • be supporting independent local food chains
  • know how the food has been produced
  • be able to make informed choices
  • be supporting local sourcing initiatives
  • be helping to create sustainable farming practices for future generations
  • be encouraging and supporting better farming practices

Why We Need Happerley in the UK

  • Producer origin and provenance often remains hidden from the consumer
  • Local should mean local and often it doesn’t 
  • To reduce the potential for another ‘Horsegate’ scandal  
  • To make sure retailers and manufacturers create transparency in their operations and not mislead the consumer
  • To drive transparency; Red Tractor accreditation does not always reveal the farm name
  • To reduce meat fraud
  • To protect traditional animal breeds rather than create further homogenization of species
  • To reduce description deceit and label confusion relating to fresh foods
  • To save our independent local food processing operations
  • To transfer power of production back to the small producers, intermediaries, retailers
  • and consumers
  • To reduce food miles and the impact of haulage on the environment and road infrastructure
  • To help create a sustainable UK farming industry which is currently under huge pressure from agribusiness development

How Happerley Works

The Happerley process is simple. Producers, are issued with a ‘passport number’ which they pop onto their packaging. Intermediaries and retailers are given a membership number which they display in their premises. You the consumer buys the Happerley product and then enters the passport number into our website and the provenance of the product is revealed from producer to intermediary to retailer so you can #namethefarm with confidence.

It is you, the consumer, who will drive the change by asking food producers, intermediaries and retailers to #namethefarm


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