Happerley Asessment Tool for Sustainability

At Happerley we have made being honest and transparent about your brands commitment to sustainability both simple and easy for both your business and the consumer.
By using our Happerley Assessment Tool for Sustainability (HATS) you can showcase your commitment to sustainability in a few simple steps, thus producing a sustainability rating for your brand which is then published on your Happerley profile page.
Working on sustainability themes such as nutrition, environment, education, welfare, communities, packaging, energy, and water will allow businesses to benchmark their sustainability performance, plus track and measure success, while providing a marketing tool to attract and retain sustainability conscious consumers, therefore empowering consumerism to turn the food and drink industry transparent and sustainable.     
As well as the toolkit that businesses can use themselves, Happerley also offers a sustainability consultancy service run by Head of Sustainability for Blenheim Palace, Jacqueline Gibson.
For more information about the consultancy service or the sustainability toolkit please contact the Happerley team on [email protected] or call 01242 222848.