Producer Benefits

Helen Lightfoot
Pedigree Gloucester Old Spot Pig Breeder

«I am hoping Happerley will help us generate a realistic premium by helping to reduce the existing misrepresentation at retail»

James Hanby
Gloucestershire Beef rearer and fattener

«I am hoping Happerley will allow farmers such as myself to charge a premium for beef slaughtered local to market»

Roger Warner
Gloucestershire beef finisher

«I am hoping Happerley will help us trade more efficiently and openly with other producers»

Joining Happerley provides exciting new trading opportunities and allows you to control your own provenance by connecting you to the consumer. It literally takes minutes to get your Happerley Passport. If you are a livestock holder, you will need your holding number.




* Network with Other Producers *

  • Create a farm profile visible to other producers
  • Blog for free
  • Generate Happerley Food Information Records (FIRS)
  • Develop new farming relationships
  • Get more for your produce by cutting out the middle man
  • Market stock, fodder and other farm sales to other producers across the UK
  • Find advance buyers for future stock or crop
  • Promote your farm capabilities, certifications and assurances
  • Create your own private trading and special interest groups

* Promote Your Produce to The Public *

  • Create your profile and be visible to buyers, retailers, restaurants, &, consumers
  • Promote your production and husbandry standards to benefit premiums
  • Market your produce to traders and Secure direct trading relationships
  • Grow your own transparent trading networks
  • Promote your farm’s reputation and provenance
  • Develop and show endorsements and reputation
  • Provide intermediaries and retailers a provenance check


If you also have a retail outlet such as a farm shop you can join Happerley from your Producer account and link accounts. As a Producer/Retailer you will also not be charged.



Know Your Farmer. Trust Your Food