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We are a small family owned Eco-Craft distillery in Gloucestershire producing great tasting spirits in our unique one of a kind copper stills that we design and build ourselves here on site. Our story begins some 25 years ago in New Zealand when I learned my craft from a moonshiner with an amazing amount of "know how" to make some of the finest tasting spirits from corn, wheat barley and molasses using hand made copper stills. We used only the best field fresh grains free of sprays and anything nasty along with the purest snow melt mountain water to give us a great tasting distilled hooch named No.45. Fast forward to 2018 when The Boutique Distillery opened its doors and introduced a Cotswold Dry Gin distilled in "Ginavive" using 13 great botanicals including some from New Zealand which are grown on site around the distillery. Even though I have been in Gloucestershire some 20 years, its nice to have a little piece of home go into every bottle. As makers, it is paramount that we produce only the very best drinks using only the very best ingredients for our customers to enjoy. Ingredients that can be fully traced back to source for provenance. We are authentic artisans producing authentic small batch spirits, where every bottle is hand batch and bottle numbered for traceability by us with love. We love to work with fellow producers within our community and surrounding counties, sourcing our ingredients form local suppliers where possible.



Our distilling process is very energy efficient and all of our energy on site is 100% renewable sourced from solar and wind. We want our ingredients to come from sustainable sources and whilst we are not quite Organic certified we are pretty close to achieving this.


We love to up-cycle to reduce our carbon footprint... Its one thing to recycle, however we take things one more step at the distillery and repurpose different materials to build our boilers, stills, bottle washers etc. It's both my background in aerospace engineering and a curious mind that gives us the ability to make components exactly as we need them to make our great tasting gin.

Local Communities

We love supporting fellow local producers and businesses opting to purchase from them before sourcing from a wider network. Some or our ingredients come from local farms and suppliers less than 1 mile away.

Packaging & Waste

As SALSA accredited manufactures, we have a policy in place to keep waste to an absolute minimum and we look to our suppliers to supply us with packaging that doesn't go to landfill. Our wooden pallets are sold or recycled and spent ingredients from our process is composted.

Inspiring & Educating

We are only small, but growing. In time as we expand we would love to have a bigger premises so that we can do educational tours, have a caffe stocking great locally produced food and drinks as well as a space for workshops around mindfulness which is something dear to our hearts.

Energy Reduction

Our stills are well insulated reducing energy required to maintain their temperature. We opt for green energy and specifically electric form 100% renewables to power the stills boiler. If we lived by a river, I would most probably figure out a way to power the distillery via a water wheel.

Nutritional Values

Our fine Gin is 45%abv

Animal Welfare

We LOVE animals.

Our ingredient suppliers

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