Jess's Ladies Organic Farm Milk

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Unhomogenised dairy heaven My family and I are very proud of our small herd of cows (or the ladies to their friends!) and our own bottling plant based onsite at our beautiful family farm in Gloucestershire. All of our multi award winning organic milk,cream,yoghurt ,buttermilk and kefir only comes from our very own herd of Ladies, all with their own names. We look after them ourselves everyday to make sure they have happy, natural lives grazing our farm’s lush organic pasture. Our milk simply cannot be any fresher. Full of taste, UNHOMOGENISED, and untampered with - simply pasteurised onsite and on the shelf within hours of leaving our much loved ladies. The only journey it makes is from our farm to the shop shelf. With an amazing 50 Great Taste Awards we hope you agree that Jess’s Ladies Organic produce is something very special indeed…



Our farm is kept in perfect balance-and carries on it’s cycle of self-sufficiency ,year on year. Our farming methods make sure than everything we take out gets put back in ,naturally, again. We like to think our farm, our farming methods all compliment each other in a balanced way -with our ladies ,descended from the original 4 cows 60 years ago, carrying on their family’s year after year…


Our farm is entirely organic and our cows are fed purely on home grown forage. We bottle all our own milk on site-no tankers or big factories-just super fresh ,pasteurised, and straight on shelf.

Local Communities

We employ local farmers to help us who otherwise would not be able to continue to farm on their own farms at home-so supplement local farming incomes.

Packaging & Waste

All our bottles may be recycled and are made from a proportion of recycled plastic . Because this is lighter than glass we can make our deliveries in less vans and we do not need the huge amounts of energy to sterilise and wash bottles . Combined with the fact that our ethically produced organic milk is bottled onsite, no tankers, no factories we feel our milk is very environmentally friendly when the whole picture is considered.

Inspiring & Educating

We have school visits and open days. I always welcome any questions on agriculture, our farm or our ladies. If you have any questions please do email them to me.

Energy Reduction

We are powering our bottling plant and fridge with solar panels from summer 2019!

Nutritional Values

Nutritional values are available on all of our products.

Animal Welfare

This is our huge focus-our ladies are our everything and everything revolves around them and their happiness and welfare. We milk and look after them ourselves everyday -they know us and we know them very well. Our cows live an average of 14-18 years-3-4 times the national average, not having their first calf until they are fully mature at 3.5 years. We do not push them for production and they are allowed to lead as natural a life as possible, grazing our farms lush pasture-with access to outside space even in winter. All our calves, both male and female, are treated as equals

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Jess's ladies Organic Farm Milk



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