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Producers of luxury handmade sausage rolls and foggies (gourmet pasty) for both retailers, and food service markets. Based on our Eco-farm in the Royal Forest of Dean where we sit in an awe-inspiring location - high above the AONB of the lower River Wye. Committed to sustainability, the ethos of our Eco farm base drives the operting principles of our food production business. This can be traced from our buying policies - including best of local; outstanding quality; ethical supliers - right through to our management principles - honesty; strong and ethical employment practices; striving to decrease each year the impact of our business through recycling, repurposing, buying 100% renewable energy, harvesting H2O and sunshine, composting, using meat from animals that have enjoyed a full life, well lived; buying as locally as we can and supporting initiatives that share our principles. Cinderhill Farm - Passionate for a Change



Our aim is to grow a strong and viable business that strengthens the community in which it is based. And at the core of our principles is the belief that in going about its business, Cinderhill Farm should make decisions that seek to avoid of the depletion of natural environment, and that rather support the enrichment of the living world in which it is based.


Cinderhill Farm is situated in a location that hosts Britain’s rarest beetle - the Cosnard's Net-winged Beetle (seen only 15 times, ever). The farm itself is fortunate enough to be rich in wildflower meadowland, and to be situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and ancient woodland. We are active in minimising our impact and take action to support restoration of the earth's precious resources... people, the air we breathe, our land, and, of course, our special beetle.

Local Communities

All our staff are from the Forest of Dean. It is our aim to be good employers, setting high standards for local businesses and being actively involved supporting initiatives that aim to strengthen our local community. These include being a part of the Growth Hub management board, hosting educational visits and being active in local environmental initiatives through the Species Recovery Trust, the Parish Grasslands Group, and supporting the Forestry Commission.

Packaging & Waste

In production, the majority our packaging is compostable and recyclable. But we are not satisfied with this. Each year we have decreased our use of non-recyclable packaging and it is our aim by the end of 2020 to have eliminated anything unrecyclable or compostable from our packaging. In purchasing we strive to buy loose-packed and bulk-packed goods in recyclable or compostable packaging. We pay for a recycling service for our waste, and compost wherever we can.

Inspiring & Educating

Our tiny Eco farm and production unit regularly host schools and parties, as well as media, who have asked to visit because they are interested and inspired by how we have turned our Eco farm and Eco home into a successful and ethical food production business. Using the ethos that grew the farm, our food production business has drawn up its principles for buying, producing and distribution, and combined with the quality of the food we produce, we have seen our trade grow organically.

Energy Reduction

* 100% renewable energy on site - including supply for 3-phase electrics * PV Panels harvesting sunshine * Energy-saving innovative ovens, dishwasher & lighting * Minimising food miles by buying as locally as possible. * Choosing reusing, recycling, & composting waste before disposal into landfill * Air source heat pump heats our office * Reducing use of paper in business through new technology * Sharing our means of distribution (vans!) with other likeminded businesses * Using harvested water for the cleaning of vans * Always striving to find new ways to reduce our energy consumption

Nutritional Values

Cinderhill Farm food is made using the best quality ingredients we can find to buy. All our products are supplied with full nutritional values detailed on the packaging.

Animal Welfare

Most of the animals whose meat we buy lives within 7.7 miles of where we work, with the furthest being 45 miles away. It comes from farms and farmers that are known to us. This means we can personally ensure that our claim to use meat from animals that have lived a good life, well cared for, is upheld. Most of the animals are rare-breed native British farm animals, from specialist growers. Most will spend the majority of their lives outside. Our wild boar, however, is truly wild - from the depths of the beautiful Forest of Dean in which we are situated.

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