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Sly Gin is made by Duncan and Alex Fox in their cottage distillery at their home in the tiny hamlet of Haven situated in rural Herefordshire. Duncan, a Chartered Engineer with a passionate interest in gin and Alex with a passionate interest in all things herbal combined their interests and talents and opened Haven Distillery in 2015 setting out to make exceptional quality gin with a bold flavour profile using home grown herbs. Sly Gin is made in batches of just 100 bottles and distilled in two distinct ways. Firstly, Italian juniper is distilled using vapour infusion in a home modified traditional alembic pot still so that only the lighter, softer oils and flavour is extracted. The other botanicals are cold distilled in a vacuum using a rotary evaporator ensuring that the delicate taste of the herbs and flowers is preserved rather than being cooked and lost as they would be if traditionally distilled. The resultant two distillates are blended and proofed to 43% abv. using naturally pure Malvern Holywell water. The result is a range of unique, fresh and vibrant gins. Each bottle is sealed by hand with wax and individually numbered to ensure trackability.



*We aim to make our distillery as sustainable as we possibly can and to re use and make our own equipment where we can. For example our cooler for the rotary evaporator is made from an unwanted old beer cooler and a garden fountain pump! *We don't regard our spent botanicals as waste as we turn them into valuable compost which goes back on to our garden.


As well as gin and herbs we're also passionate about preserving the environment.

Local Communities

Duncan is in much demand to give talks about gin and Haven Distillery to local groups and organisations within the community

Packaging & Waste

*Our bespoke bottles are made in the UK by Allied Glass in Leeds using 40% recycled glass. *Bottles sold on-line are packaged in fully recyclable cardboard. In the few circumstances where this isn’t possible, we reuse packaging that’s been sent to us.

Inspiring & Educating

Our distillery is too small to offer fee-paying guided tours as you can see it all from the doorway! However anyone visiting to buy a bottle of gin is always welcome to take a look and Duncan is always more than happy to talk about gin and explain our process.

Energy Reduction

*Our tiny distillery measures 5mx4m and is heavily insulated. *We source our electricity from a company that supplies 100% renewable electricity from solar, wind and hydro. *Our multi-shot distillation technique requires less distillation time and consequently less energy.

Nutritional Values

We make our gin using a UK produced neutral grain spirit which is certified as gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.

Animal Welfare

Milly and Meg, our distillery dogs work hard welcoming visitors and return get long walks, regular meals, a spot by the AGA and the Frizbee thrown (endlessly)

Our ingredient suppliers

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Haven Distillery


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