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Relish School Food offer in-house and fully contracted catering service solutions to schools. We have a passion for food and create termly menus that use fresh ingredients, cooked from scratch. We aim to raise the quality of the food on the plate and raise the profile of food in school by including the children in tasting sessions, food-related activities and fun theme days - all of which improve the uptake of our wholesome meals. We can't prove it but we believe our food makes a difference to the learning and development of our customers. Relish-OPS is our Operating and Procurement System that we offer to Local Authorities, MATS, clusters or single sites. It provides an e-solution for menu creation and management, meal ordering and allergy management and a full back of house kitchen management solution including HACCP and all legislative compliance, time and attendance management, a procurement platform for all supplies and a performance dashboard to monitor results of each operation. The system is designed by caterers for caterers and helps a busy kitchen and manager become more efficient and pro-active.



Relish School Food Ltd strives to become the industry lead in offering a real sustainable solution to our customers. By implementing a continuous improvement culture, we are able to ensure that better solutions are developed which, in turn identifies waste and the potential causes of waste. This includes products, systems and processes.We care about where our food comes from and how it's been produced. We work with our suppliers to ensure that we offer complete traceability on all our products, from supplier to plate.We are proud to offer our customers the biggest range of responsibly sourced.


Relish recognises the only way to successfully recycle is to raise awareness. With this in mind Relish has successfully entered into long term partnership with specialist suppliers such as Veolia Environmental Services, who have produced a selection of literature and posters along with a screen saver to promote and as a constant reminder. We buy responsibly and ethically from trusted suppliers. We ensure our strategic suppliers deliver products and services with integrity and confidence. We will actively collaborate with suppliers to reduce the environmental footprint of products and process

Local Communities

Relish encourages both schools and parents in all aspects of menu and food sampling. Relish hold tasting sessions during parent evenings and attend events to ensure all tastes and requirements are catered for. Relish supports many school activities and social events which has proved very successful in raising funds that enable schools to improve local facilities.

Packaging & Waste

We encourage our suppliers to think about the impact on the environment. One of our suppliers were the first in our sector to introduce biofuel deliveries and are the only supplier in the country using a hydrogen fleet. Relish ensures that all customers are made aware of how much packaging is used during the school term and promotes where possible removal of single used plastic.

Inspiring & Educating

Relish is committed to working with its suppliers to build greater transparency within its supply chains. Relish commits itself to acting ethically and expects the same from those with whom it does business with. As part of its contracting processes the Relish requires its suppliers commit to comply with all applicable laws and regulations and Relish company policies, including as a minimum meeting the standards set out in the Relish Ethical Trading Policy which include applying the principles of the E.T.I (Ethical Trading Initiative) and relevant International Labour Organisation standards an

Energy Reduction

100% of our food packaging is recyclable and the use of locally sourced produce on our menus continues to increase - meaning the food mileage is dropping. Relish Procurement team operates a continuous improvement programme with all its strategic suppliers to ensure that our carbon foot print reduces year on year.

Nutritional Values

The quality of The Food On The Plate means everything to us. That, and making sure we are pleasing our discerning diners goes hand-in-hand. Our dishes are made with quality, fresh ingredients and are cooked from scratch wherever possible. Vegetables are freshly prepared and our fruit salads and salad bars are created using a large variety of fresh and colourful fruit and salad items. The meat we use is red tractor assured, our fish carries the marine stewardship approval and the eggs are free-range.

Animal Welfare

The meat we use is red tractor assured, our fish carries the marine stewardship approval and the eggs are free-range. All Relish suppliers are fully vetted and hold all the necessary accreditations.

Our ingredient suppliers

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