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We are an exciting contract catering company delivering delicious fresh food & food management services to business & education. We believe there is a gap in the market for a catering team whose primary focus is the food on your plate. Our philosophy as a family business has always been about successful relationships with our clients, our catering team and our customers – we are a ‘people company’.



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We will work with our food suppliers, local farmers, and community‐based organisations to increase the availability of locally‐sourced food, when seasonality permits, in order to reduce negative environmental impacts by decreasing the distance food travels from farm to plate.

Local Communities

Where appropriate and commercially viable, we encourage the use of local suppliers supporting the local economy and reducing food miles.

Packaging & Waste

Hutchison Catering are committed to waste reduction and recycling applying to all environmental aspects of the activities undertaken by the Company. The Company will actively seek to limit the environmental impact of our operations and pursue the enhancement of environmental quality within our areas of influence. Where practicable and environmentally beneficial, the company will seek to use recycled materials and products such as paper, and we will support the use of easily recyclable materials in preference to those that are not.

Inspiring & Educating

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Energy Reduction

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Nutritional Values

Our aim is to positively influence the eating habits of our clients and customers and encourage users to have a healthy lifestyle balance. The keys aspects of our menus served are as follows; • Offer a wide choice of fruit, vegetables and breads • Main ingredients regularly include rice, pasta or potatoes • Regularly serve fresh fish and chicken without skin • Include a variety of vegetarian options which use peas, beans, lentils, eggs or quorn

Animal Welfare

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