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Hatched in 2002, Neil and Penny Chambers launched The Handmade Scotch Egg Company with the mission to make the humble Scotch egg Britain's favourite snack once again. Using locally sourced ingredients, where ever possible, we now produce up to 40 different flavours including vegetarian and gluten free. Every one is hand made in small batches and although they are now produced in purpose built production kitchen, they are still made the same way to the original recipes that Penny created and developed at the start.



We endeavour to continually monitor and improve environmental performance and impacts. We recycle all plastics and cardboard locally.


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Local Communities

Our wonderful egg makers are all very much part of the local community, some walking or cycling to work. We support local charities and hold fund raising events at our retail sites.

Packaging & Waste

We are not into flashing packaging, our handmade Scotch eggs are packed in gloriously unfussy compostable boxes. Outer boxes and insulation is provided by the fabulous Woolcool company, an amazingly effective insulated packaging comprising of clean, 100% pure sheep's wool sealed within a recyclable, food-grade wrap to create liners for recyclable delivery boxes. Our customers are coming up with some wonderful ways of reusing the linings - roof insulation, dog beds, hanging basket liners and jacket liners for starters. We are fortunate to have a recycling centre just three miles away.

Inspiring & Educating

All our staff are trained in all aspects of good food production and food safety to recognised standards. We are a team and take great pride in what we produce.

Energy Reduction

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Nutritional Values

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Animal Welfare

We source pork from approved suppliers to meet UK and RSPCA standards. All pork is out door reared or free range where available.

Our ingredient suppliers

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We buy 100% of our Baked Beans, 100% of our Chopped Apricots, 100% of our Peeled Garlic, 100% of our Black Olives, 100% of our Marmite, 100% of our NAPOLINA TOMATO PUREE, 100% of our Goats Cheese, 100% of our Flour: Plain, 100% of our Smoked Salmon, 100% of our Stork Marg, 100% of our Chocolate Chips from

We buy 100% of our Liquid Egg from
Bumble Hole Foods

We buy 100% of our Haggis from
Campbell Brother Ltd

We buy 100% of our Boiled eggs from
Fridays Ltd

We buy 100% of our Harissa, 100% of our Butlers Cheddar, 100% of our Grated Italian Cheese, 100% of our Prosciutto from
Harvey & brockless

We buy 100% of our Eggs from

We buy 100% of our Chives, 100% of our Parsley, 100% of our Sage, 100% of our Dill, 100% of our Basil, 100% of our Tarragon, 100% of our Sun Dried Tomatoes, 100% of our Chillies, 75% of our Red Pepper's from
Red Deer Herbs

We buy 100% of our Wensleydale Cheese, 100% of our Mature White Cheddar, 100% of our Cream Cheese, 100% of our Blue Stilton, 100% of our Cottage Cheese from
Carron Lodge Ltd

We buy 100% of our Breadcrumbs from
Colston Bakeries

We buy 100% of our Bravedheart Chutney, 100% of our Scotch Bonnet & Garlic Chutney from
Holly and Ivy

We buy 100% of our Pickled Shallots, 100% of our Apple & Onion Chutney from
Kits Kitchen

We buy 100% of our Rape Seed Oil from

We buy 100% of our Quail Eggs from
Original Egg Company

We buy 100% of our Tamari Soy Sauce, 100% of our Vegetarian Worcester Sauce, 100% of our Paprika, 100% of our Ground Black Pepper, 100% of our Fennel seeds, 100% of our Mustard Powder, 100% of our Rosemary, 100% of our Black Onion Seeds, 100% of our Cumin Seeds, 100% of our Ground Cardemom, 100% of our Porridge Oats, 100% of our Oatmeal, 100% of our Ginger Crush from
The Bran Tub

We buy 100% of our Onion Marmalade, 100% of our Beer mustard from
The Tracklement CO LTD

We buy 100% of our Brie, 100% of our Chickpeas, 100% of our Butter Beans, 100% of our kidney beans, 100% of our Vinegar, 100% of our Raw Milk, 100% of our Lemons, 100% of our Aubergines, 100% of our Courgette, 100% of our Calabreese, 100% of our Bacon, 100% of our Tomato, 100% of our Potatoes, 100% of our Onions, 100% of our Carrots, 100% of our Red Onions, 100% of our Beetroot, 100% of our Pears, 100% of our Apples, 100% of our Cress, 25% of our Red Pepper's, 100% of our Yellow Pepper's from
Total Produce

We buy 100% of our Honey, 100% of our Preserves: Marmalade, 100% of our Chestnut Puree, 100% of our Ginger Preserve from

We buy 100% of our Chestnuts from
Worcester Produce

We buy 100% of our Seeds, 100% of our Brazil Nuts, 100% of our Brown Rice Flakes, 100% of our Buckwheat Flakes, 100% of our Millet Flakes, 100% of our Redskin Peanuts, 100% of our Whole Hazelnuts, 100% of our Sesame Seeds, 100% of our Sunflower Seeds from
Mintons Good Food

We buy 85% of our Pork Sausage Meat, 100% of our Gluten Free Crumb from
Jamie Wards Traditional Family Butchers

We buy 100% of our Black Pudding from

We buy 15% of our Pork Sausage Meat from
A H Griffiths Ltd

We buy 100% of our Lightly Salted Crisps from
Tyrrells Crisps

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