The Authentic Bread Company

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Situated on Strawberry hill, deep within the Gloucestershire countryside the bakers at the Authentic Bread Company are working hard to deliver 100% Organic, authentic, delicious baked goods. Using the finest organic ingredients, they strive to produce a taste and texture that you won’t find anywhere else.



The Authentic Bread Company is an established family business with over a decade of baking experience. Using time-honored, traditional methods and the very best organic ingredients we produce an extensive range of award-winning baked goods. Our focus is on quality and taste and a comitment to our uncomprimising methods.


Not only does organic taste great but if you love the environment like we do, rest assured your doing your bit by buying organic. Also our wood burning ovens are a little bit kinder to the environment than electric ones.

Local Communities

Where possible we source fresh, local produce supporting our Organic farmers and growers.

Packaging & Waste

We participate fully in recycling services and minimising land fill with a 'manufacture to order policy' and also incorporate a range of Eco-minded packaging.

Inspiring & Educating

Jane and Alan have witnessed the growth of organic produce having been at the forefront of the organic movement in the 1990s. They have been fortunate to be part of multiple television programs representing a growing revolution in TV series, highlighting the importance of good food. These included appearances with TV chef Rosemary Shrager and becoming a Rick Stein food hero, appearing on a Christmas special.

Energy Reduction

During June 2010 the company replaced two electric bread ovens with two wood pellet burning ovens. Each oven has a 50 kW output and together are expected to save approximately 55 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year. The Authentic Bread Company is now being used as a national example of how bakeries throughout the UK can reduce their electricity bills and carbon footprints.

Nutritional Values

The secret ingredient in the perfect loaf is time. Our time-honored traditional methods allow the doughs to develop slowly and let the yeasts produce flavour that gives our breads their unique character. After the mixing of ingredients, the doughs are kneaded to stretch the gluten and encourage the yeasts to start working. It is the left to rise, resulting in the production of CO2 bubbles from the yeasts, this produces the taste and texture of the loaf. The dough is knocked back and once again left to rise before baking.

Animal Welfare

Organic promotes a healthy environment as well as great animal welfare and so do we. All our products are vegetarian and with the exception of some cakes and pasties most are vegan too!

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The Authentic Bread Company, Strawberry Hill, Newent, Newent, Gloucestershire, Gl18 1LH
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The Authentic Bread Company

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