Nationwide Caterers Association (NCASS)


The Nationwide Caterers Association (NCASS) is the UK’s only trade association for mobile caterers and street food traders.
Caterers join the NCASS family for all sorts of reasons, but most commonly because they want to know there’s someone there for them. Someone who can help them in a sticky situation or answer their questions when needed most.
Since NCASS began in 1987 it has been pretty exciting for the NCASS team, with lots of challenges; all for the sake of changing the shape and quality of the catering sector for the better.  Promoting food safety and enabling caterers to keep customers safe must be at the heart of our association.  Equipping caterers with the tools and information they need to trade legally is crucial in helping individual businesses to develop the industry as a whole.  Helping caterers to be profitable goes some way towards rewarding them for their dedication to their customers and their food.  Giving caterers a voice and platform to promote their views and services will help them to find more, better quality opportunities to work and earn.  Developing support information, like training courses and codes of practice, is integral to raising the standards of the catering industry.  Informing caterers of changes in legislation and best practice that could affect them is crucial to helping them trade safely and compliantly.  Being available to offer support to caterers in need of help, answers or just a simple chat is an integral part of our mantra.  Working to develop the catering industry brings many benefits: great meals for the public, commercial profit for the caterers and gratification for NCASS.
Honesty and transparency with our members will always be NCASS’s way of doing things.




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