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FIR FARM LTD at Rectory Farm Lower Swell is a traditional mixed farming operation. At Rectory farm there is currently 200 head of pedigree polled Hereford cattle producing breeding bulls, breeding heifers and high quality beef. We place a big emphasis on the health of the cattle and we have now achieved level 1 status of the HiHealth Herd Care scheme for Bovine Virus Diarrhoea (BVD), Johne's disease, Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis (IBR) and Leptospirosis. The cattle are fed a predominantly grass based diet grazing pasture in the summer and being fed silage, straw and small amount of home grown grains through the winter months. Grass fed and sustainable and aiming to sell beef into the local market which we do at present via a beef box scheme. The farm is within the Higher Level Scheme and the farm works hard on the River Dikler to promote the successful breeding of wild brown trout.



Mixed livestock farming is central to our sustainable system, helping to build soil fertility naturally, whilst the animals enjoy rich pastureland with a huge – and growing – diversity of flora and fauna. We raise 100% pasture-fed beef cattle and sheep, as well as free-range pigs and poultry fed on home grown, organically produced feed. We choose native breeds of livestock, naturally adapted to their local environment. This helps us to manage the land in environmentally sensitive ways, protecting soil, increasing biodiversity and enhancing meat quality.


At Fir Farm we seek to integrate food production and nature conservation through management practices that regenerate the environment, observing natures’ principles of diversity and balance. Our farm has a diverse landscape, incorporating permanent pasture and meadows, woodland, orchards, arable land, ponds and a river. We therefore have an abundance of biodiversity that we work to protect and enhance. We also believe it is important to live with as little environmental impact as possible which is why we are always seeking to improve our energy use and water management.

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At Fir Farm we believe that local, sustainably farmed food from animals fed their natural diet is better for their health and general wellbeing – and ours. Our beef and sheep are pasture-fed, certified by the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association. This means they are not fed any form of grain or manufactured feeds, which are not suited to their digestive systems. Intensive livestock production, which often feeds animals on soya, maize or wheat in order to accelerate growth, can be damaging to the animal’s wellbeing and also to the environment. Cultivation of crops for livestock feed a

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