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Walsall Academy in Bloxwich, Walsall opened in September 2003. The student enrolment is around 1200 with approximately 320 students in the Sixth Form. The School is one of a number of City Academies established in England prior to the expansion of the Academies Programme in 2010 and was originally sponsored by The Mercers’ Company of the City of London and Thomas Telford School.



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We buy Dairy Products, Sauces, Cheese, Fruit, Beans, Fish, Cereals, Soup, Spices, Cakes, Desserts, Flour, Oats, Tea, Biscuits, Juice: Apple Juice, Juice: Orange Juice, Sausages, Potatoes, Sweetcorn, Bread, Chicken Meat from
Blakemore Food Service

We buy Potatoes, Fish, Chicken Meat, Vegetables, Beans, Bread: Hot Dog Rolls, Bread, Cakes, Herbs, Sauces, Preserves: Jam, Soup, Cheese, Cereals, Coffee from
Windsor Food Service

We buy Turkey Meat, Pork, Fish, Bread, Biscuits, Cakes, Sauces, Cheese, Dairy Products, Preserves: Jam, Oil from
Holdsworth Foods

We buy Beef, Oats, Juice: Orange Juice, Biscuits from
Philip Dennis Foodservice
We buy Potatoes, Beans, Vegetables, Fish, Carrots, Beef, Bacon, Chicken Meat, Oil, Cakes, Desserts, Bread, Tomato, Cheese, Spices, Cereals, Fruit: Dried Fruit from
MKG Foods

We buy 100% of our Potatoes, 100% of our Sausages, 100% of our Chicken Meat, 100% of our Fish, 100% of our Lamb Meat, 100% of our Beef, 100% of our Cakes, 100% of our Desserts from
Yearsley Logistics

We buy 100% of our Mushrooms, 100% of our Fruit: Dried Fruit, 100% of our Fruit, 100% of our Strawberries, 100% of our Grapes, 100% of our Cheese, 100% of our Eggs, 100% of our Lettuce, 100% of our Tomato, 100% of our Cabbage, 100% of our Cucumber, 100% of our Pears, 100% of our Radish, 100% of our Carrots, 100% of our Onions, 100% of our Potatoes, 100% of our Parsley, 100% of our Mint, 100% of our Peppers from
Hayhead Farm Shop

We buy 100% of our Beef, 100% of our Pork, 100% of our Bacon, 100% of our Sausages, 100% of our Lamb Meat from
Kirbywood Meats

We buy 100% of our Milk from
Wilmot Dairies

We buy Water, Bread: Rolls, Juice: Selection of Fruit Juices from
CSL Caterers Supplies Ltd

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Walsall Academy, Lichfield Road, Walsall, Walsall, West Midlands, WS3 3LX, UK
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Walsall Academy

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