2018 Strategy: Validating Provenance for Everyone

5th Nov 2017 09:18 AM

This year has seen Happerley lay solid foundations enabling us to now move quickly to expand membership and deliver food passporting success through 2018 and beyond. As the latest Food & Drink Mintel report for 2018 headlines, the trend is on for consumers seeking full disclosure, and Happerley continues to lead the solution.
In 2017 we have:
  • Secured our first national retail pilot with Midcounties Co-operative. 
  • Completed the specifcation of our unique passporting
  • Developed, refined and tested our membership processes and values
  • Attracted an Advisory Board of exceptional calibre to help us deliver credibility and consensus across the UK food industry
  • Secured high profile passporting pilot partners
  • Secured high profile Provenance Champion members with significant supply chains to audit next year, including universities, schools, leading food manufacturers, restaurants and procurement companies
  • Engaged with consumers and media to gain considerable awareness of brand values and purpose
Our 2018 Strategy
To work across the UK food industry, from farmer to consumer, to seize the moment for the UK to really establish itself as a world leader in food transparency. The opportunity is enormous. We intend to develop our unique hybrid of technology and soul that has gained credibility from farmer up. There are six critical strands to our strategy:
1. Consultation
Happerley is geared to become a legacy project for the whole food industry. The Advisory Board is instrumental in helping us achieve this goal and in reaching out to other organsations who can benefit from a universal validation of provenance premium. Happerley continues to have positive dialogue with these.
2. Investment
We are negotiating minimal external investment to fully resource 2018 activity.
3. Team
Building, training and managing a high calibre team of account managers to on board and support members. We are also expanding the software development team to support the pilots.
4. MembershIp Growth
Fast tracking membership to turn thousands of food businesses across the UK into Happerley Provenance Champions – with their ingredient supply chains certified and published into one public network. 
5. Passport Trials
Taking the six passporting pilots, involving six food supply chains to MIdcounties Co-operative, to commercial realisation. This entails applying proprietorial blockchain technologies to passport foodstuffs from birth or seed through the most complex manufacturing processes to instant and 100% consumer facing traceability on menu, on shelf and on pack.
6. Educating and Inspiring Consumers
Continuing our consumer and trade campaign but also developing an educational programme to repair the disconnect between food producer and food consumer.