Benefits of a Happerley QR Code

12th Apr 2019 12:53 PM

The moment your business or brand becomes Happerley Transparent your own unique QR code is automatically made available to download from your online Happerley dashboard. 
Embedded in the Happerley marque, your unique QR provides:
• Reassurance - your product has nothing to hide

• Instantly connects the consumer to your own edited Happerley profile detailing your brand ethos and commitments with links to all your own platforms

Enables the consumer to explore and engage with your Happerley validated ingredient supply chain, to truly understand the journey of your food or drink and any related provenance premium 
  • Apply to your packaging, labelling and point-of-sale (t can be reproduced at any size from 1cm square to work perfectly!)
  • Embed as a link across your online platforms
  • Share across your social media accounts
  • Educate your consumer about the benefits of the QR code (we provide some graphics for consumers to enable them to better understand the app and the QR code. 
The Happerley app is free for everyone to use, enjoy, explore and benefit from. 
Any product or business can apply today by filling out a simple form here.

The initial one off charge starts at just £75 for a business wth a turnover of under £500,000.