Can One Person Inspire A Global Food Provenance Movement?

12th Jul 2017 15:32 PM


Maybe not. But Happerley's Founder, farmer Matthew Rymer, believes he can inspire the consumer to. How? By 'Living Happerley'.

What is this? It is quite simple, really. To Live Happerley means only eating food or drinking liquids in which you know their origins. You can eat and drink what you like! You are abiding by one simple rule — not knowing where your food is from means not consuming it.

Matthew has pledged he will not purchase or consume any food or drink that cannot be traced back to its original source, essentially “walking the walk” of Happerley’s creed and doing it in full view of the public. A blog and twitter will be launched in the next few days. He must find a way to unveil the origin of food products, or go hungry.

Matthew explains: "Living Happerley enables you to appreciate and enjoy food like never before, valuing and appreciating every ingredient’s journey to your plate. It ensures you eat and drink less but better, enabling you the freedom to consume with a conscience.

"By challenging every supplier to #namethefarm you will help drive change for a more transparent and traceable food industry. This in turn will drive more sustainable food production, yielding better returns for struggling farmers and growers across the world who have become anonymous providers in the food chain.

"Only when you start to living by this creed will you realise how very little we are told and know about what we feed our bodies. But the rewards are tremendous — you will savour food and drink like never before. You will truly appreciate its provenance — its story — because you will be seeking it out. It need not be expensive — it is really a case of less being more.

"And the health benefits will be incredible. No impurities, no anonymous grunge, no convenience snacks on the go packed with strange additives and enhancers. Whether you are a carnivore; a vegetarian; a vegan; passionate about welfare; care about food miles and sustainability; or couldn’t care less but simply want to eat better, only by Living Happerley can you follow your desires with confidence."

Can you Live Happerley and join the Happerley Movement? Watch this space! The Happerley Movement blog launches in a few days....