CLA – How to profit from the fast growing demand for local salad, vegetable and fruit procurement

16th Dec 2020 09:28 AM

We are delighted to be working with CLA to host an online event in January 2021! 
CLA – How to profit from the fast growing demand for local salad, vegetable and fruit procurement
With Happerley Kitchen Gardens
Wednesday 27 January 2021
4.30pm – 7pm
Let’s think differently…
We will hear from Happerley Kitchen Gardens who are providing support for landowners and farmers to establish and support a network of viable three to four acre plots growing salads, fruits and vegetables on contract for local restaurants, caterers, schools and retail.
We will explore:
•            Why there is a growing consumer and trade demand for contract growing
•            How to secure financial commitment from a customer base prior to seeding
•            Risk mitigation and opportunity
•            An investment and operational costs and revenue model
•            Value added opportunities (vegetable boxes, on farm processing, developing a customer base)
•            Available grants
•            The latest techniques, technologies and practices (regenerative)
Happerley Kitchen Gardens aims to help landowners and farmers to benefit directly from the growing consumer and trade demand for local, seasonal procurement of produce with a reduced environmental impact.
We will also hear about the work of the Plunkett Foundation who support rural communities across the UK to tackle the issues they face through community business. Community businesses are enterprises that are owned and run democratically by members of the community, on behalf of the community. They come in many forms, including shops, pubs, woodlands and anything that lends itself to community ownership.
They will explain how they can support farms and landowners to commercially benefit from greater collaboration with their local communities. 
We will also hear from Farms to Feed Us, a social enterprise run by volunteers. They are farmers, journalists, activists and economists who are actively supporting the collaboration between farmers and growers who are leading the way in regenerative farming techniques.
We will hear from:
•            Matthew Rymer, Happerley Founder
•            Ross Geach, owner of Padstow Kitchen Gardens, former head chef at Stein’s Restaurants, and Director of Happerley Kitchen Gardens Limited
•            Case Study – Padstow Kitchen Gardens, Cornwall
•            Plunkett Foundation
•            Farms to Feed Us
Registration is free and open to everybody, you do not have to be a CLA member to attend. For more information, visit