Feed Me Truth campaign Prepares To Launch

26th Apr 2018 08:49 AM

We are delighted to be working with Adam Henson who will be championing the Feed Me Truth Campaign. A UK media launch is due to take place on 11 May at a school in the Midlands. 
Happerley will be working with school catering suppliers to turn their supply chain transparent. By working wih their food ingredients supply chain, using technology and school aids, it aims inspire and educate school children in terms of where the food on their plates is from, and why and how it matters.
The Midcounties Cooperative will be supporting a pilot across the Midlands and this is being championed by Adam Henson, who is determined to connect more children to food and agriculture.
The campaign will target years seven and eight in secondary schools, where food chain is taught in science and geography, also feeding into personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) as well as Citizenship teaching.
How It Works
Happerley will work with schools who request they have their school meal procurement and ingredient supply chains Happerley validated and published.

There will be a standalone FeedMeTruth education website as an access point for these certified schools to generate free education aids, launching in September. 

This schools platform will provide a means to download supply chain reports for pupils / parents, assessments of supply chains (food miles etc. ), curriculum aids and support to arrange school / farm visits etc etc. Producers within the food chain will be actively encouraged to host visits / attend schools.

Children will be able to discover the complete supply chain behind their school meals via app, QR code or school certification number. 

This is not about promoting creed or local but simply engagement.  We are all aware of cost constraints in school catering but the appreciation and understanding of food production differences and options starts with children understanding how and where the food on their plate was produced.