Food Provenance Circle - English Spirits

30th Jul 2020 10:14 AM

Adam Henson’s
English Spirits
Broadcast 22nd July 2020
Panellists Penrhos Spirits, Haven Distillery, The Cotswolds Distillery, The Boutique Distillery Ltd, The Oxford Artisan Distillery, Chalgrove Artisan Distillery, and Sky Wave Gin were able to pick the brain of our guest speaker James Chase, the Global Ambassador for Chase Distillery, to discuss the industry challenges and the future projection of the English spirit industry.
How do you add enough value to your products to cover the cost of your passion for provenance, and do you think the gin industry in particular, is becoming unsustainably saturated?
There is a huge amount of competition in the gin industry especially, but the spirit industry also which has created a rat race to run prices down pre Covid. It is a constant balance of the cost of extra equipment to expand capacity, with the potential profits that can be earnt from doing so. Sustainable growth is a consistent goal that all should be aiming for in pretty much any industry, so that a picture of long-term security can become a reality.
Outlets that brands aim to sell their products to and the gin industry generally, is reaching saturation but if your product is of good quality and consumers enjoy your product, creating customer loyalty, then you will survive. It is believed that to stand out in the gin market, realistically distillers will have to diversify into tonics which is the most popular mixer with gin. A future projection for the gin industry will be producing complementary tonics to further appeal to consumers – the overwhelming levels of choice consumers face is narrowed. Tonics are also generally high in sugar, so there are opportunities to develop a healthier mixer that still compliments what you are drinking.
Once again, thank you to all those involved!
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