Get involved with our Happerley Recipes

28th Jun 2019 08:31 AM

Happerley will soon be publishing QR coded recipe's within our network featuring Happerley Trasparent ingredients for consumers to browse and see the linked producers whose ingredients were used to create the recipe. These recipe wil be searchable on app too, so the shopper will be able to QR scan the item and see the connected recipes - or indeed the reverse: buy the ingredients for the recipe. 
We are delighted to be now working with Ruth Erwin who has started a cookery channel and recipe development with Happerley.
Ruth Erwin a busy mother of 3, who's family have recieved widespread media attention for 'Living Happerley.' The Erwin family have shown that it is nutritious and affordable to feed a family on a tight budget using Happerley Transparent ingredients and cutitng back on processed snacks and home cooking.
Ruth Erwin explains "The main benefits for the family are we spend meal times together instead of a revolving door of people in and out grabbing food. We sit down at breakfast and talk about our day ahead and at dinner time we share our experiences of the day. We all feel much better and energised from not eating sugary products or processed food."
If you would like to have your Happerley Transparent product or brand featured in one of Ruth's recipe's or on the cooking channel contact us on 01242 222848.