Happerley / Addington Event - Moved To September 20th

14th Aug 2017 07:04 AM


The Happerley / Addington Fund Provenance Heroes Event has been switched to 20 September. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes. This is due to the need to accommodate the growing interest both in the event and our film from key individuals within the food industry, and also media. The delay also allows us time to announce the Happerley Advisory Board and inaugural Happerley Council members at the event.

Please contact Claire Thayers at [email protected]

What Is This Event?

At this event bringing together over 200 of the Country’s leading visionaries and opinion formers from across the food industry onto the Happerley founder's Gloucestershire farm.

The event, generously supported by headline sponsor Midcounties Cooperative, will be discussing and championing a bright and sustainable future for independent farmers and food producers by putting transparency, connectivity and provenance at the fore. It is hoped the event will forge some ground breaking alliances and relationships across the food chain.






The Event is being supported by Farm 491, The Royal Agricultural University and Gloucestershire NFU. 
It is also being supported by Folk2Folk, that offer simple, straightforward, local lending and borrowing for farm and and growing food producer businesses

Host, Happerley founder and farmer, Matthew Rymer, says: "I have spent three years talking to fellow farmers, food processors, retailers, restaurateurs and consumers. What has become obvious to us is that connecting up and validating provenance acoss the food industry is what the consumer wants, the farmer needs and the intermediaries can all benefit from. This event is bringing some of the best thinkers together - over lunch and on a farm - to help turn a dysfunctional family - which is what the food supply chain is - into one family the consumer can buy into with confidence, and we can all benefit from.

"There is tremendous challenge and opportunity ahead of us. The millenials want to know about sustainability, ethics, food miles, environmental impact etc. They want to be empowered by transparency and choice. There is no creed being pushed, only expressive free thinking, collaboration and positive thinking."

Film Premieré
Over the next weeks some of the UK's champions of food provenance and transparency, and leading food industry luminaries, are being interviewed to culminate in the premieré of a short film to be broadcast on the day. Here is a teaser:


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Happerley is on course to become a food industry owned co-operative in 2018, for the benefit of the consumer and the whole food industry.


All proceeds of the event go to Addington Fund, a leading farming charity.